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Decreasing cost and increasing revenue are the two drivers for improved financial performance for hospitals. The process of optimizing these two factors while keeping quality care as a top priority is anything but simple. We can help.

Clinical variation and redesign are important because unwarranted clinical variation may result in poor clinical outcomes, sub-standard care, wasted resources, excessive costs, and disappointing experiences for patients and families. Delivering higher-quality care at a lower cost is proving to be a competitive differentiator for health systems that have successfully reduced unwarranted clinical variation.

With Michael Hill, MD and Associates care initiatives and analytics, facilities can reduce the variation in care across the clinical spectrum – from medical, orthopedic, cardiovascular, and to spinal care diagnoses. By using defined frameworks for standardization with proven evidence-based protocols, care pathways, and clinical decision support tools with a supporting physician alignment strategy, health care systems can effectively address unwanted variation from the outpatient area through the hospital and into the post-acute care setting.


Efficient operations help a hospital improve patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes and financial performance. The first step that Michael Hill, MD and Associates takes is a comprehensive operation assessment. 

The operational assessment process encompasses the review and assessment of hospital strategy, operations, staffing, supply chain, revenue cycle, finance, medical staff issues and facility leadership. The process begins with an in-depth review of data and documents, along with one-on-one interviews with individuals on the hospital’s board of directors, its management team, department directors and its medical staff.


We help healthcare organizations use technology to enhance capabilities, increase operational transparency, and improve healthcare delivery - all in service to increasing efficiency and bottom line revenue. 

Michael Hill, MD And Associates partner with our clients to enhance IT strategy and team performance, increase technology enablement of key hospital business functions such as finance and marketing, promote clinical performance transparency, and help healthcare executives get the most from their IT investments.

Our firm offers a patient-centered care model that binds together the critical components of care operations and enables healthcare organizations to achieve these goals through technology strategy and proper implementation.  

Moreover, we partner with  healthcare organizations to address IT operational issues, including architecture and infrastructure utilization, adoption of efficient IT processes, application management, and IT outsourcing.



Michael Hill, MD and Associates’s comprehensive approach to elevating patient care operations is to deliver what matters most to hospitals, healthcare systems, and their patients.

  • Reduced variability in how care is delivered, measured, monitored & managed

  • Alignment of caregivers across departments towards common, patient-centered goals with shared accountability for performance

  • Hospital-wide monitoring of operational performance in near real-time, enabling leaders to proactively avert operational crises by redirecting work activities and resources

Our experts have the practical knowledge that encompasses the major service lines and virtually every job within a healthcare organization.  This allows us to partner with our clients to build a community of communication and collaboration in delivering quality patient care using technology-enabled, hospital-wide solutions and service line integration and alignment.

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