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Michael Hill, MD is an accomplished healthcare executive with 20+ years of consulting experience and success, employing polished clinical care redesign, technology and analytics development, and leadership acumen. His specific focus is on optimizing contribution margins through clinical care variation reductions, clinical care and hospital operations process transformation, and physician alignment. He demonstrates expansive and relevant experience directing healthcare organizations (190+ national clients) through today’s financial landscape with improved clinical operations, quality, and outcomes.

Dr. Hill has deep technology experience with incorporation of clinical standards and decision support tools into electronic health records across all major specialty medical group, as well as home health and population health. He has developed clinical pathways from the ambulatory to the acute care setting to post-acute care environment. He has worked with the top 5 EHRs in developing order sets, Best Practice Alerts, and monitoring and analytics system for more than 100 hospitals.

Dr. Hill is a residency-trained emergency physician with 15+ years of clinical practice, directing operations for a 52-hospital EM group. His professional career has focused on patient safety, best practice introduction, and ensuring established medical practices express all vision and organizational standards. 



From our beginning, we have dedicated our work and service so that we can fulfill our Mission - to fundamentally and dramatically improving the delivery of patient care.

We believe that by creating a best-in-class patient care delivery process, an incredibly positive shift change occurs because culture follows process. There is a philosophical and cultural shift in the hospital environment, one in which patients and medical staff are seen as the customer, and patient care providers take pride and satisfaction in their continued accomplishment and success at meeting the organization’s high standards, consistently exceeding patients’ and medical staff’s expectations, and predictably getting help when they need it.

Why "one hospital at a time?" Through our experience, we've learned that each hospital - whether a single system hospital or one that is part of a larger whole - has its unique set of challenges and barriers to overcome. Our rigorous project approach uncovers that facility's nuances, and allows us to design a customized plan that truly speaks to the hospital's operational and cultural environment.

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