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CASE STUDY: Using TeleTracking to Reduce Inpatient Length of Stay


Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital introduced a “Collaborative Care Model” of patient care across the hospital, including reducing LOS, optimizing hospital capacity, and improving patient experience. TeleTracking was the enabling technology used in conjunction of developing an organized business rhythm of reviewing all inpatients 3 times a day with each supporting inpatient team-members, physician, and hospital leadership.


Continued twice-daily focus on “Steps to Home”, Anticipated Date/Time of Discharge, Anticipated Date/Time of Transfer for ICU/Telemetry patients, Disposition and creating more intentional patient communication on planned date and time of discharge reduced LOS by ¾ day, increased discharge orders before 9 AM from 9% to more than 50%, and increased patient satisfaction with discharge from bottom to top quartile.


In addition, capacity management systems were redesigned based on the increased predictability of planned discharges/transfers, including the creation of an Operations Resource Center. TeleTracking was the critical enabling technology which facilitated this change and was adopted by all constituencies to track patient progression.


Welcome to Michael Hill, MD And Associates.  

Our company is a fast-growing, dynamic consulting firm, truly operating on the cutting edge of healthcare change management, with a clear focus on driving additional volume to hospitals based on a clearly superior level of hospital operations.


We started hospital operations consulting with the simple question - "Why don't hospitals, emergency departments, inpatient units, and ORs work?" Since then, our organization has passionately focused our efforts on answering this question. We have developed an organized knowledge base and supporting measurement and technology systems dedicated to predictably delivering best-in-class ED, OR and inpatient patient care.

In responding to our clients' needs, we address hospital performance issues, such as overcrowding, ambulance diversion, ED and OR performance issues,  as well as physician and customer satisfaction, by looking to their root causes. We focus on ED and inpatient length of stay, inpatient intake and discharge processes, critical care bed utilization, OR start times and room turnover, and the integration of services provided by the ED, OR, ancillary department, and inpatient staffs.


With our recommendations and assistance, our client hospitals are able to achieve exceptional performance improvement by delivering more timely, efficient, and consistent healthcare services. Our clients are recognized nationally for the results they achieve.We have managed more than 100 hospital projects with numerous measurable operational successes to our credit. Our ability to provide change management leadership enables our clients to achieve dramatic improvements in patient care delivery, while providing the tools and knowledge to sustain the gains and continue to improve after our engagement concludes.Our organization's success is predicated on delivering hospital operations enterprise transformation. By fixing the entire hospital or large sections of it, we can deliver results bigger and faster than any other healthcare consulting organization. Our success is absolutely dependent on our ability to create an intellectual framework for significant hospital innovation, to harness that knowledge into a well structured and organized change management initiative, including best practice knowledge content as well as innovative technology solutions, and then to partner with our hospital clients to implement the plan flawlessly. Our continuing success is due to our satisfied clients, and truly enthusiastic hospital partners that have gained knowledge, new skills, and achieved targeted goals from our interactions with them. We are, and will continue to be, the best healthcare change management consultants in the country and the thought leaders for healthcare enterprise transformation.

"Operations may appear unglamorous, but it is the

only lasting basis for superior performance." 

Michael Hammer, PhD | Hammer and Company

Author of the international best-seller "Re-engineering the Corporation"


End Game:

Predictable operations that

become a strategic asset for the institution.


Dramatically and sustainably improve the cost effectiveness, and efficiency of large scale hospital operations.


Build accountability and transparency into the DNA of the hospital.


Create a foundation for health reform, declining reimbursements and ACO implementation.

What we do


Service & Support

Teach teams how to use pathways and deliver results.


Technology to support embedding and sustaining pathways.

Enterprise Operational  Pathways

Proven processes that predictably drive best-in-class results.

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